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Piktogram is a software development company, focusing on building web and mobile apps, covering all the segments of a successful product launch and maintenance – ideation, prototyping and design, project management, development and support.


Calculator of Energy Efficiency

Client: KnaufInsulation, Eastern Europe

The Calculator of Energy Efficiency by Knauf Insulation is a sophisticated software project developed collaboratively by a team of experts in civil engineering, architectural designers and software developers.

By leveraging the combined knowledge and experience of professionals across Europe, this project aims to provide accurate and region-specific insights into energy-efficient building solutions complying with European energy efficiency standards.

Calculator of Energy Efficiency

EV Charging Platform and Mobile App

Client: Charge&GO, Serbia

Charge&GO is the first digital regional platform and mobile application with the chargers network that offers an easy and fast usage of charging points for EV charging.

Manage your own network, control chargers, set prices, limit usage, and review all charging sessions. With a range of smart services within our platform, it will be much easier for you to remotely manage your chargers.

Charge&GO Web App

JF Quality Control Management

Client: WingWare, USA

Jet Fuel QC is a turn-key quality control web application for the commercial aviation industry that meets ATA 103 specification. It automates record keeping and enables real-time access to quality control activities and operational readiness.

Five different levels of users from fueler to management have a tailored interface with key performance indicators specific to their tasks and performance.

Kreston MDM businessINFO

Client: Kreston MDM, Serbia

In the era of digitalization, fast pace of life and constant increase in the use of mobile phones, Kreston MDM continues to follow trends and offer innovative solutions to customers.

The Kreston MDM BusinessINFO application brings timely news and important information from various areas from auditing and accounting to tax issues to keep you informed about legal changes and practices in Serbia.

Our main focus is on solving challenges with creative and innovative solutions that amaze users.


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